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WINGS Tour Leaders – Luke Seitz

Luke Seitz

Image of Luke Seitz

Luke Seitz’s birding career took off when a brilliant male Scarlet Tanager graced his Connecticut yard when he was only six years old. Birds then became an all-encompassing focus and he hasn’t looked back since. Luke graduated from Cornell University in 2016 with a degree in philosophy, although much of his time there was spent painting birds and working at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  

Luke’s interest in Neotropical birding started at age 14 with a week-long stint in northwest Ecuador. Since then, he hasn’t been capable of staying home for very long. He has spent substantial time exploring the nooks and crannies of the Andes and Amazon, enjoying brilliant hummingbirds and tanagers but also the subtleties of tyrannulets and ovenbirds. More recently, Luke has continued expanding his interest in global birding with expeditions to Australia, China, Southeast Asia, and Ethiopia, although South America will always hold a special place in his heart.

One of Luke’s strongest bird-related interests is illustration. He started doodling at a young age, which gradually progressed into more detailed scientific artwork. Especially enthralling is the challenge of sketching birds in the field. His illustrations have been used in many publications including “Birding” and “Birder’s Guide” magazines, and as logos for the World Series of Birding and eBird’s Global Big Day initiative. He also drew the birds that grace our tour document binders when we send out tour materials. Luke currently serves as a member on the Maine Bird Records Committee. In addition to birds, he has a keen interest in gymnastics, dry riesling, and the music of Bruce Springsteen.


"I have been very fortunate to tour with Luke Seitz before, and thoroughly enjoy his wonderful friendly enthusiasm, great "ears" and his effort to get each member of the group on each bird. He is really fun to bird with!"
- Judi W. on Maine & New Hampshire

"I wish there was a higher category than 'excellent.' Luke's knowledge of Ecuadorian birds is encyclopedic. He always tried to make sure that everyone on the tour saw every bird -- even the people who sometimes struggled to locate fast-moving birds in thick vegetation. He is personable, friendly, and smart. In short: one of the best tour leaders of any tour I've been on."
- Gordon B. on Ecuador: The Northwest

"I've had the good fortune of birding with a few of this hemisphere's best birders, now I've done so with another. I can't think of a single criticism with respect to the leadership provided by Luke Seitz. He worked hard, seemed to know every sound, found and scoped birds quickly, and was a knowledgeable, pleasant and witty companion. I hope I have the opportunity to accompany him again."
- Nic K. on Mexico: Oaxaca and Western Chiapas

"Luke was awesome. A virtuoso birder, attentive to our every need, and unceasingly patient with a thousand and one questions about birding the cloud forest."
- Andy M. on Ecuador: The Northwest 

"Luke did a great job leading the tour, not just in his knowledge of the birds and ability to help everyone see them (which was outstanding), but in all the little things that a tour leader needs to do to make it a success. It was a pleasure to travel with him and I would definitely travel with Luke again."
- Gary J. on Costa Rica in July

"Our tour leader, Luke Seitz, did a great job both in the field finding and identifying birds, as well as managing the overall tour experience. You have a great guide with Luke...He has excellent leadership skills, easy going style and is passionate about the work."
- Jack K. on Costa Rica in July 


Updated: October 2023