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If you’re an old hand, we hope our program is of interest.  If you’re new to birding tours, you might find our essay “Choosing a Birding Tour” helpful.

What's New

Sweden: Fall Migration at Falsterbo, Sep 4-12, 2017, with Evan Obercian -- The Scandinavian Peninsula is a vast region rich in birdlife.  Every autumn, countless millions... added May 2016 (more)

Oregon: Woodpeckers, Owls and the Solar Eclipse, Aug 17-25, 2017, with Rich Hoyer -- We’ve added a special tour to coincide with a rare total solar eclipse. Skies are almost always... added June 2016 (more)

Indonesia: The Moluccas, Sep 23 - Oct 14 2017, with Susan Myers -- The Moluccan islands of eastern Indonesia, known as Maluku in Indonesia, remain one of the world’s... added April 2016 (more)

Brazil: Minas Gerais, Oct 19-28, 2017, with Fabrice Schmitt -- The state of Minas Gerais in the heart of Brazil’s cerrado biome offers wonderful birding and... added October 2015 (more)

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Two Recent Book from Susan Myers: Susan Myers has two new publications, a revision of her Birds of... (more)

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Upcoming Tours

Limited space is available on these guaranteed departures.

Ethiopia: The Roof of Africa with Steve Rooke - This tour has an amazing combination of history, stunning scenery, and fascinating and easily accessible wildlife including 34 Ethiopian-Eritrean endemic birds. October 25 - November 11.

Ecuador: The South with Jon Feenstra - Excellent birding through many habitiats, including for range-restricted and endemic species such as Jocotoco Antpitta and El Oro Parakeet. November 7 - 23.

New Zealand, Island Endemics and Seabirds with Ian (Sav) Saville - Isolated, fantastical islands full of unique birds and breathtaking scenery. One space remains. Begins February 7.

Full list of confirmed tours with space

Private Tours

WINGS organizes private tours worldwide. Details here.

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An Indian Pond Heron waits for prey at the great Bharatpur reserve on India: The North - Ranthamb-
hore, Bharatpur, Nainital and Corbett
. You can review the narrative from Paul Holt’s latest tour to fabled India here.

Photo: Paul Holt

From the Field

September 12: Gavin Bieber on his just-completed tour, Alaska: The Pribilofs in Fall.

The fall tour to the Pribilofs took place during a week of warm and sunny weather. A warm and sunny... (more)

August 30: Jon Dunn on his recently concluded tour, Arizona: Second Spring

The summer monsoon rains arrived in earnest during our tour; the creeks and rivers filled from the Santa... (more)

August 24: Fabrice Schmitt from his recently concluded tour, Colombia

Another fantastic tour to Colombia! The group at Nevado del Ruiz Visiting the three cordilleras, crossing... (more)

August 23: Rich Hoyer on his just-completed tour, Brazil: Marvelous Mato Grosso

Flawless weather and a nearly continuous parade of birds and animals on this year’s Mato Grosso... (more)

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Our Leaders & Staff

John Muddeman

Image of John Muddeman

John is a professional tour guide, writer, and scientific translator, with a lifelong interest in diverse aspects of natural history. He lives in the Madrid mountains and guides organized groups throughout Iberia, Europe, and further afield. He has extensive... (more)

Featured Tour

New Zealand - Island Endemics and Seabirds

featured image

A birding tour to New Zealand is packed full of highlights: albatrosses so close you can count the droplets of water on their feathers, the deafening calls of New Zealand Bellbirds ringing through the forest at dawn, a confiding New Zealand Robin standing guard on a forest path, a Kiwi snuffling through the leaf litter. All of these classic images... (more)

AZ Birding

Coming to southeastern Arizona and want guiding help for just a day or two? Find an excellent guide at AZ-Birding.